Time travel

…the Possibility of Time Travel

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by Anna LeMind

Computer Simulation Confirms the Possibility of Time Travel


Indeed an interesting simulation be sure…but

What I find peculiar with this is: the simulation is fundamentally flawed. If you let me expound a little here; The basis of the underline simulation suggest Einstein’s theory of the nature and speed of light is true. What if I told you it was wrong? Yes it has been proven, but (with fore finger up in a cusp hand), what if the nature upon which the test were made are flawed?

In a few words “Gravitational time dilation”. Now what I propose is a controversial idea, indeed, yet needs to be voiced. What if, nay, the fact is Atomic Clocks themselves are subject to gravitational changes and inherent to their nature run slower as they get farther from the stronger gravitational fields and what the test only proved was that very fact.

Our focus there fore should be on making a clock that is not effected by gravitational changes…

Well, there it is.


I just found a practical use for an artificial neutrino particle emitter and receiver. A global clock which wouldn’t be effected by gravitational changes because the emitter would send out pulses that would go everywhere unimpeded by passing through things…

A logical test would be to raise a high altitude weather balloon with a condensed new-gen particle emitter that emits a pulse at a constant rate to act as the seconds of a clock to be intercepted by a receiver, also, in unison, make a second test or parallel test with a second emitter from a location equal to the distance of the emitter in the atmosphere but at the same distance away from the receiver but at the same attitude as the receiver  itself…

If my theory is correct there should be no change in the pulse received from each emitter save, the distance of the pule it’s self and both test should run in parallel…

If I am wrong then the balloons pulse will run slower then the earthbound one and Einstein can rest easy.