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What da Double Quantum Slit Malarkey Batman?

It’s becoming a pet peeve of mine when pseudoscience spiritual bloggers use scientific theories and experiments to try and validate their opinions.

So I seen this random news feed title

“10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical Material World”

and followed that rabbit…and in truth the “10 Scientific Studies” was what drew me… 😛

Don’t bother looking it is not as it would be made to represent. It’s just a rehashing of old new age malarkey and a liberal use of the word “Scientific” which is why I write this post.

The article topic outs the regular faith healer canon of arguments such and Remote viewing, global consciousness and spoon bending, seriously, spoon bending and they didn’t even bat an eye…

Now, why I write.  Leading off the topics is 1. The Quantum Double Slit Experiment.

“The quantum double slit experiment is a great example of how consciousness and our physical material world are intertwined. One potential revelation of this experience is that “the observer creates the reality.”

Which sums up the gist of it and is exactly what is wrong with pseudoscience and this article which, and most importantly, is represented as science…SPOILER ALERT it is NOT.

In response to the numerous, comments and likes I decided to focus on the Quantum Double Slit Experiment…


Just because we can find parallel correlations in the random minutia of opinion and theory, simply drawing correlations doesn’t verify the opinion…

1. Double slit experiment + 2. some intangible opinion = 3. layman’s fact

Lets take the double slit experiment and map it to… well how about a relationship, or rather, the inner workings of decision making of a single person to the decision making of a joint decision team.

For the laymen who need to brush up on “Quantum Double Slit Experiment”.

Okay, the analogy shall be thus:

Lets start with the single slit barrier test.

A single person has decision and in the process of realization he filters the decision through his mind (single slit barrier) and the results of this create a single line of results…

Now the double slit barrier test.

A “joint decision making team” have decision and in the process of their realization they filter their decision through both minds, for clarity sake, her mind (the first slit) & his mind (the second slit barrier) and the results of this create a band of results with interference… and anyone who ‘s been with a narrow minded mate knows the interference can get varied, to say the lest…

Finally, the double slit barrier test + an observer

Finally, when you repeat the second experiment where the decision is passed through the filter of both minds but observe the path of the decision as it passes through just one mind. Low and behold results of this create a single line. Which means under scrutiny a once varied pattern reverts to a single line result… no kidding Sherlock, I don’t know about everyone, but believe you me, when my ex would scrutinize my reasoning some how she would align my decision, and I mean, singular, interferenceless…

Ha ha ha…so there it is.


The point is. Just because we can find parallel correlations in the random minutia of opinion and theory, simply drawing correlations doesn’t verify the opinion…

Keeping an open mind, doesn’t mean puncturing holes in it.


…the Possibility of Time Travel

Warning: reblog this from.


Original posted in Learning Mind

by Anna LeMind

Computer Simulation Confirms the Possibility of Time Travel

Indeed an interesting simulation be sure…but

What I find peculiar with this is: the simulation is fundamentally flawed. If you let me expound a little here; The basis of the underline simulation suggest Einstein’s theory of the nature and speed of light is true. What if I told you it was wrong? Yes it has been proven, but (with fore finger up in a cusp hand), what if the nature upon which the test were made are flawed?

In a few words “Gravitational time dilation”. Now what I propose is a controversial idea, indeed, yet needs to be voiced. What if, nay, the fact is Atomic Clocks themselves are subject to gravitational changes and inherent to their nature run slower as they get farther from the stronger gravitational fields and what the test only proved was that very fact.

Our focus there fore should be on making a clock that is not effected by gravitational changes…

Well, there it is.


I just found a practical use for an artificial neutrino particle emitter and receiver. A global clock which wouldn’t be effected by gravitational changes because the emitter would send out pulses that would go everywhere unimpeded by passing through things…

A logical test would be to raise a high altitude weather balloon with a condensed new-gen particle emitter that emits a pulse at a constant rate to act as the seconds of a clock to be intercepted by a receiver, also, in unison, make a second test or parallel test with a second emitter from a location equal to the distance of the emitter in the atmosphere but at the same distance away from the receiver but at the same attitude as the receiver  itself…

If my theory is correct there should be no change in the pulse received from each emitter save, the distance of the pule it’s self and both test should run in parallel…

If I am wrong then the balloons pulse will run slower then the earthbound one and Einstein can rest easy.

the standard reward for the complacent heart…

It’s tough. To achieve success, prosperity, security. Tougher still is the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing beyond your expectations.




As I sit here, contemplating the next course of action and reflect on the journey thus far.




I see a road wrought with challenges and obstacles. The lest of which is keeping the faith. I’ve talked to many an “aspiring” producer(s), actor(s) and various others who, truly want, to advance their career status and be apart of something… well, something greater then what has come before, as we all hope to do I wager but yet they falter and back away…




I don’t believe it’s all that uncommon to weigh the risk of challenging the unknown possibilities of oneself, or the uncertainty we inherit from past failures, which lead us to choose a well worn path in guise of the “right” opportunity. Molly Ringwald springs to mind. For sake of brevity, Miss Ringwald would pass on both Pretty Woman and Ghost. Two massive films that bolstered the careers of both female leads and in the process signaled the curtain to close on a once promising career…




Sadly, most will invariably choose the road they’ve traveled many times before. Never really challenge themselves and, ultimately, wonder why they haven’t gone further.




A life of mediocrity is the standard reward for the complacent heart…




Race cars stream across the track, though twist and turns, straight aways and s-curves and the winners are the ones who push themselves, gamble their talents, and risk what they wouldn’t before… Are you out there taking risks, or are you back in the pack just making laps?






Mainstream Martyrs – Mr Nobody

This Sundays Underdog… Mr Nobody.

“A boy stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or stay with his father? Infinite possibilities arise from this decision. As long as he doesn’t choose, anything is possible.”


A beautiful film that had an unfortunate bumpy start. From being rejected for competition by the Cannes Film Festival, to mixed and ultimately discouraging reviews, the film didn’t fare well at the box office.

The Wikipedia page has a great break down of the film…

…so, what stands out to me. Jared Leto turns in a phenomenal performance, the Cinematography of Christophe Beaucarne is quite frankly, inspiring and amazing, and the story “crafty”, unique and original, and all of it is topped off by the masterful direction of Jaco Van Dormael.

Each scene serves a purpose and works into each other beautifully. The quick pacing, was ahead of it’s time, and fits our ever evolving multitasked, 140 character daily trending media highlights, that, in it’s way, has given us an interconnected reality that we pug into daily.

This new age of online media and virtual social communities is changing the way we experience the world. More on topic, films. It’s not that our attention span has decreased, but rather, we have a whole multitude of different types of new information we need to digest, integrate and reinterpret into our own consciousness. Which in turn we redefine and resubmit it into the virtual evolution of ideas and concepts of the web…

Mr. Nobody is a great representative of this age of awakening and world consciousness…

Mainstream Martyrs – Donnie Darko

Mr Nobody, Donnie Darko, Pi, The Butterfly Effect…

These un-hyped, un-backed, underground milestone classics have crawled their way past the ridicule and shunned existence and, in their own ways, gained their own place of recognition in the pantheon of modern cinema.

There are countless list on the web that now acknowledge their existence and more importantly their undeniable relevance.

This Sundays Underdog… Donnie Darko.


“A troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him to commit a series of crimes, after narrowly escaping a bizarre accident.”



There are many interpretations of the film… this is mine, well it’s more of a key to discerning the meaning.

Donnie Darko’s intertwined iconography & narrative draws a mysterious confluence between fate and destiny in it’s representation of predestination versus free will…

The keys are Lady Death who represents Destiny & Frank the Rabbit who is Fate.

With Lady Death’s daily commute to her mail box one is made aware she is adverting her own destiny, of which we all are destined to share, and is fated to wait for a message that will never come. Tragically she’s not even aware of how her own actions will irreparably damage the destiny of Donnie and leave him with only Frank the rabbit, and the harbinger of Fate, to guide him…

As in life, the end of the film comes out of a fateful moment. Of which we recognize when someone is taken before his time in a life that is destined to one day find it’s end just the same.

Ah, yes, surely this comes from multiple viewings and with a certain bias from someone who admires the piece. But, that is the point.

Donnie Darko has left it’s mark and influences the fates and destinies of many independent films yet to come.


To boldly go where dreamers seldom do…



While doing a round of hopscotch-click-&-troll of the ol’ FB status feed I was happy to discover this awesome article By Peter Rubin, through a Scott Dutton post (always great with the finds)…


This Painstaking Recreation of Star Trek Redefines ‘Obsession’

By Peter Rubin Senior editor at @Wired


I admit I was *immediately draw to the article, having been thoroughly indoctrinated over the years by a first cousin who’s own passion to the Trek universe… You know what, lets just say he makes us smile, and in his way inspires others with that passion 😉

The further I click the more intrigue I became about this Vic Mignogna. For a person to hold on to a dream from the age of nine, wait. Not just hold on to, but to redefine it, envision it and recreate it over and over to and to bring it to a place where it is fully realized. Solid, relatively speaking, and for all intent and purpose alive. It’s inspirational.

Seriously. Imagine your biggest dream when you were nine.

I’ll be watching these, guaranteed!

There’s no stars to guide us to our dreams…

“I just wanted to let you all know that Angus Kootenhayoo and his film PARADOX Boy of Alberta has pulled out of INDIECAN10K. I am extremely sad that this had to be the case but Angus had fallen way behind in all areas and there were too many hurdles in his way to make his film happen. It’s truly unfortunate that he and his film won’t be apart of this important initiative and that my Home Province of Alberta won’t be represented.” Avi


Lets put the rumors to rest. It’s true, well in most points, such as “extremely sad” and ” had to be the case” and “many hurdles” and “It’s truly unfortunate that he and his film won’t be apart of this important initiative…”

I agree most with the latter.

… but not all is as bad as it seems. PARADOX BOY is still being film this year… just not it the way others were trying change it, but in the way it was conceived.

I pulled the project to protect

that which everyone is drawn to.

When life gives you lemons your probably picking from the wrong tree,

not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, but if you want apples get apples


C’est la vie. On to bigger and better things 🙂

I Humbly Welcome

the multitalented and skilled

Andrea Clark as production manager/coordinator

& the gifted Chase Gardiner our new DP 😀


We are currently seeking a producer or two and a media maven / publicist to come on board

and be part of this exciting Independent Feature.



And from the P-Dox Crew Stay Tuned for More Amazing Announcements!


The compass that guilds one’s heart is blind to the fear of failure. It’s deepest fear is found on the shores of regret.