the standard reward for the complacent heart…

It’s tough. To achieve success, prosperity, security. Tougher still is the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing beyond your expectations.




As I sit here, contemplating the next course of action and reflect on the journey thus far.




I see a road wrought with challenges and obstacles. The lest of which is keeping the faith. I’ve talked to many an “aspiring” producer(s), actor(s) and various others who, truly want, to advance their career status and be apart of something… well, something greater then what has come before, as we all hope to do I wager but yet they falter and back away…




I don’t believe it’s all that uncommon to weigh the risk of challenging the unknown possibilities of oneself, or the uncertainty we inherit from past failures, which lead us to choose a well worn path in guise of the “right” opportunity. Molly Ringwald springs to mind. For sake of brevity, Miss Ringwald would pass on both Pretty Woman and Ghost. Two massive films that bolstered the careers of both female leads and in the process signaled the curtain to close on a once promising career…




Sadly, most will invariably choose the road they’ve traveled many times before. Never really challenge themselves and, ultimately, wonder why they haven’t gone further.




A life of mediocrity is the standard reward for the complacent heart…




Race cars stream across the track, though twist and turns, straight aways and s-curves and the winners are the ones who push themselves, gamble their talents, and risk what they wouldn’t before… Are you out there taking risks, or are you back in the pack just making laps?







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