Mainstream Martyrs – Mr Nobody

This Sundays Underdog… Mr Nobody.

“A boy stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or stay with his father? Infinite possibilities arise from this decision. As long as he doesn’t choose, anything is possible.”


A beautiful film that had an unfortunate bumpy start. From being rejected for competition by the Cannes Film Festival, to mixed and ultimately discouraging reviews, the film didn’t fare well at the box office.

The Wikipedia page has a great break down of the film…

…so, what stands out to me. Jared Leto turns in a phenomenal performance, the Cinematography of Christophe Beaucarne is quite frankly, inspiring and amazing, and the story “crafty”, unique and original, and all of it is topped off by the masterful direction of Jaco Van Dormael.

Each scene serves a purpose and works into each other beautifully. The quick pacing, was ahead of it’s time, and fits our ever evolving multitasked, 140 character daily trending media highlights, that, in it’s way, has given us an interconnected reality that we pug into daily.

This new age of online media and virtual social communities is changing the way we experience the world. More on topic, films. It’s not that our attention span has decreased, but rather, we have a whole multitude of different types of new information we need to digest, integrate and reinterpret into our own consciousness. Which in turn we redefine and resubmit it into the virtual evolution of ideas and concepts of the web…

Mr. Nobody is a great representative of this age of awakening and world consciousness…


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