Mainstream Martyrs – Donnie Darko

Mr Nobody, Donnie Darko, Pi, The Butterfly Effect…

These un-hyped, un-backed, underground milestone classics have crawled their way past the ridicule and shunned existence and, in their own ways, gained their own place of recognition in the pantheon of modern cinema.

There are countless list on the web that now acknowledge their existence and more importantly their undeniable relevance.

This Sundays Underdog… Donnie Darko.


“A troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him to commit a series of crimes, after narrowly escaping a bizarre accident.”



There are many interpretations of the film… this is mine, well it’s more of a key to discerning the meaning.

Donnie Darko’s intertwined iconography & narrative draws a mysterious confluence between fate and destiny in it’s representation of predestination versus free will…

The keys are Lady Death who represents Destiny & Frank the Rabbit who is Fate.

With Lady Death’s daily commute to her mail box one is made aware she is adverting her own destiny, of which we all are destined to share, and is fated to wait for a message that will never come. Tragically she’s not even aware of how her own actions will irreparably damage the destiny of Donnie and leave him with only Frank the rabbit, and the harbinger of Fate, to guide him…

As in life, the end of the film comes out of a fateful moment. Of which we recognize when someone is taken before his time in a life that is destined to one day find it’s end just the same.

Ah, yes, surely this comes from multiple viewings and with a certain bias from someone who admires the piece. But, that is the point.

Donnie Darko has left it’s mark and influences the fates and destinies of many independent films yet to come.



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