To boldly go where dreamers seldom do…



While doing a round of hopscotch-click-&-troll of the ol’ FB status feed I was happy to discover this awesome article By Peter Rubin, through a Scott Dutton post (always great with the finds)…


This Painstaking Recreation of Star Trek Redefines ‘Obsession’

By Peter Rubin Senior editor at @Wired


I admit I was *immediately draw to the article, having been thoroughly indoctrinated over the years by a first cousin who’s own passion to the Trek universe… You know what, lets just say he makes us smile, and in his way inspires others with that passion 😉

The further I click the more intrigue I became about this Vic Mignogna. For a person to hold on to a dream from the age of nine, wait. Not just hold on to, but to redefine it, envision it and recreate it over and over to and to bring it to a place where it is fully realized. Solid, relatively speaking, and for all intent and purpose alive. It’s inspirational.

Seriously. Imagine your biggest dream when you were nine.

I’ll be watching these, guaranteed!


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