There’s no stars to guide us to our dreams…

“I just wanted to let you all know that Angus Kootenhayoo and his film PARADOX Boy of Alberta has pulled out of INDIECAN10K. I am extremely sad that this had to be the case but Angus had fallen way behind in all areas and there were too many hurdles in his way to make his film happen. It’s truly unfortunate that he and his film won’t be apart of this important initiative and that my Home Province of Alberta won’t be represented.” Avi


Lets put the rumors to rest. It’s true, well in most points, such as “extremely sad” and ” had to be the case” and “many hurdles” and “It’s truly unfortunate that he and his film won’t be apart of this important initiative…”

I agree most with the latter.

… but not all is as bad as it seems. PARADOX BOY is still being film this year… just not it the way others were trying change it, but in the way it was conceived.

I pulled the project to protect

that which everyone is drawn to.

When life gives you lemons your probably picking from the wrong tree,

not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, but if you want apples get apples


C’est la vie. On to bigger and better things 🙂

I Humbly Welcome

the multitalented and skilled

Andrea Clark as production manager/coordinator

& the gifted Chase Gardiner our new DP 😀


We are currently seeking a producer or two and a media maven / publicist to come on board

and be part of this exciting Independent Feature.



And from the P-Dox Crew Stay Tuned for More Amazing Announcements!


The compass that guilds one’s heart is blind to the fear of failure. It’s deepest fear is found on the shores of regret.



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